Murder Mystery Game: Ticking Truth

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You are invited to join Ticking Truth, a Murder Mystery game that will allow you to step out of your daily lives and experience the thrill of solving a mystery. Relax, have fun and meet new people! Get to know new friends (even your potential soulmate!) in a relaxed, comfortable, interactive setting. Come join this immersive story game that’s increasing popularity in Singapore!

Sample of How It is Played

Two years ago, Professor John died while saving his student, Cassandra in a hiking accident. A year later, still feeling guilty about Professor John's death, Cassandra organized a BBQ party and invited the other students who were part of the research group. The party was in full blast when someone found her bloodied body in herroom. The police thought it was suicide, but at least it's not what the students believe.

Fast forward to the present, the same group of friends are awakened after what seems to be a long, deep slumber. Finding themselves in the middle of a BBQ party surrounded by ticking time bombs, they realize they've been set-up. Their attention is caught by a mysterious voice - "I know one of you killed Cassandra and I'm here to find out."

Feel the excitement as more clues will be revealed. Be on the lookout for the real murderer. Make it fast for when the clock stops, an explosion will strike.

Style of the Game

o Language: English
o Cost: $25
o Time: 3 hours
o Game Style: group discussion sessions with clues
o Theme: Held in a Modern University
pax: 7

We are looking for 7 participants to be involved in a murder mystery where the murderer is part of the group. The identity of the murderer will be kept a secret, with players taking on the roles of suspects. Each character has his secrets, which he must hide from the others while trying to work out who among them is the murderer through questioning, talking and concealed interrogation.

If you happen to be the murderer, find your way through or push all possible alibis to the other participants as every one of them has a motive and secrets he must try to conceal from the others. Participants have to piece up the gathered information together as a team to solve the murder, while protecting yourself and your secrets.

New to this? No worries for each participant is given a script that contains details his character’s backstory, allowing you to ask questions and engage in conversation. This will help even the shy and introverts to get immersed in the story, have fun and enjoy the event! For the Detective Conan and Sherlock Holmes, you will get the chance to take up your magnifying glasses and detective skills and solve the mystery in anyways you see fit!

For more information, WhatsApp 8866543
Venue: Blk 810 Hougang Central, Singapore


Only participants who paid will be confirmed

There is no special acting required. Guests do not need to memorize any information, just casual asking of questions

Samples of what each participant will receive

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We hope you can enjoy your stay with our regular murder mysteries meetups, escape games, specially curated amazing race/treasure hunts, and various fun activities such as laser tag, archery and more!

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Sat Mar 31, 2018
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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